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Beechwood Beauty



168 St Edith's Marsh, Bromham

Devizes, Wiltshire SN15 2DQ


There are many ways of enhancing what you already have, highlighting your best featues, improving others and boosting your confidence. It all depends upon exactly what it is you want to achieve. For example, do you want to enhance your eye area, improve the look of your nails, or achieve a whole new look?

"Besides Beechwood Beauty being fun and affordable, Tracy is quietly professional in her ability to do an excellent job."

A make-up lesson, will provide you with advice on application and colours which suit you. We can discuss with you what you want to achieve with your new look, which areas you want to enhance and advise you on how to improve others. At Beechwood Beauty Devizes we use Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up, which following the lesson you can then purchase at the salon.

Eyebrow shaping can really make a difference to your face by opening the eye area and creating a frame to the face. Eyelash perming and tinting both accentuate the eyes, again opening up the eye area and reducing the need for mascara. All 3 treatments are available at Beechwood Beauty, lasting 4-6 weeks tint and up to 8 perm.

If your best feature is your nails and you want to enhance their look, or even if you are dissatisfied with your nails, a manicure, including cuticle work will help even the shortest of nails appear longer, providing a more elegant look. Add a French polish and they will look even neater, tidier and ultimately longer. Or finish with a colourful varnish from CND Vinylux™ to highlight your best feature. What's more, Vinylux™ is very durable reducing the likelihood of chipping or scratching for upto 7 days.

To improve the appearance of either your hands or feet, a Luxury Manicure or Pedicure with a lustrous masque will help nourish and re-hydrate your skin, restoring firmness. While for really hard skin on your feet, Beechwood Beauty offers a fantastic treatment Callus Peel, which rapidly peels away dead skin and calluses on your feet.

...and for the ultimate in nail enhancement Beechwood Beauty has 2 fantastic treatments!

Shellac from CND goes on like a varnish, but wears like a gel, offering instant drying time, and high gloss finish for up to two weeks. No more chipping or cracking so great for working, and the instant drying and long lasting finish are great if you are short of time. Meaning you can achieve the professional look you want, with the confidence it is going to last.

...and if you really want to draw attention to your best feature, go for Minx nails, offering loads of funky designs to brighten up your fingers and toes, lasting weeks and worn by celebrities!