There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to achieving healthy, beautiful skin. Since ancient times we have tried to improve our skins and hide the effects of ageing. Today in most chemists we are offered the promise of a miracle in a jar, but the truth is that many mid-range creams have very similar basic ingredients - and have done for years.

The groundbreaking moment for skincare has been the introduction of vitamin A. This vitamin benefits all skin types and especially sun damaged skin - the main ageing culprit. Prominent Cape Town plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes was a pioneer in this field, using vitamin A in doses high enough to actively improve the quality of the skin. He developed an interest in the mechanics of skin, especially sun damaged skin, following the untimely deaths of two of his patients due to melanoma. Through intensive research into the role of vitamin A he created treatments which would maintain healthy skins. Out of this, Environ was born.

Further research showed that vitamins A, C & E were essential to maintain and repair the skin, so Environ developed treatments and products using these particular vitamins as the active ingredients. Environ's mission became to provide proven, cutting edge technology and sound skin science principles in skincare.

The visible success of Environ's products and treatments has led to them being actively promoted by international beauty editors, skincare therapists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Environ treatments and products are available at the Treatment Room Calne, so why not take a closer look and book a consultation today?