Hydraboost Treatment

One of the enhanced Environ treatments now available at the Treatment Room Calne, which utilises the latest technological developments to drive biologically active ingredients deep into the lower layers of the skin.

 60 mins £70.00

The perfect antidote to dry, lacklustre skin, this intensive treatment deeply hydrates while plumping and firming the skin. The products used in this treatment contain Hydraboost serum, which holds 1000 times its own weight in water. When driven deep into the skin, Hydraboost helps reduce the fine lines caused by dehydration and increase the plumpness of the dermis, resulting in moisturised, glowing skin.

This treatment is proving particularly useful when a client has very dry skin, acting as an immediate boost to rehydrate the layers. As such, the Hydraboost treatment can be used to prepare the skin for other treatments or between treatments.