It is important to all of us to look after ourselves, maintain our bodies, care for our nails and skin and protect our skin from the environment and premature ageing. That said it is always difficult to find the time! With regular treatments at Beechwood Beauty Devizes you ensure you get the time and we can provide advice, enabling you to achieve the best results and improve your general well-being.

Regular facials, every 4-6 weeks will improve the appearance of the skin, specific problems, such as open pores, can be targeted and we can provide home care advice. At the first appointment, we will analyse your skin and discuss different options with you, which include both Spa Find and Environ facials. We also sell Spa Find and Environ products for you to use at home.

Spa Find products combine natural de-ionised water with pure Dead Sea minerals and organic plant extracts, giving a nice pleasant aroma helping to relax and at the same time helping with the skin's appearance. The Express Facial is ideal if you are short of time and uses Spa Find products to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and moisturise. While the Aromatic Facial includes a face, neck and shoulder massage encouraging the blood supply, oxygenating the skin, leaving your skin feeling smoother and more radiant.

Tracy keeps me up to date with new products and therapies with absolutely no pressure to buy. Oh - and even my husband notices the difference when we come home after a facial - a wonder indeed!

Intensive research has shown the importance of the role of vitamin A in maintaining healthy skins. Further research found that vitamins A, C & E were essential to repair and maintain the skin, so Environ developed treatments and products using these particular vitamins as the active ingredients. Environ's latest mission is to combine these findings with cutting edge technology to normalise the skin, repair any damage and keep it healthy. The result of their work is a set of ground-breaking treatments and products available now at Beechwood Beauty Devizes.

The choice of Environ treatment is entirely tailored to your skin and exactly what it needs at a particular time. Following a detailed consultation, a personalised programme, which may be for a combination of treatments, a course of one particular treatment and/or homecare products, can be devised and agreed upon. Whatever suits you and your budget. For example, the Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment is very effective at getting vitamins into, helping to normalise and at starting to repair the skin. Whereas clients who present with very dry skin may benefit from an initial Hydraboost Treatment, as the serum used in this treatment is extremely effective at re-hydrating the skin. The main aim being to repair your skin so you have a protective layer and can keep it healthy.

Beechwood Beauty offers a complete in-salon nutritional programme - the Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP) - which includes advice on diet and lifestyle changes. As such ANP utilises nutrition to support skin care treatments, allowing you to work from inside as well as outside. ANP products provide pure vitamins and high strengths, to target nail, skin and general well-being. Best of all they come in packs containing the ideal doses of vitamins and minerals.

If it is important to you to have hair-free skin or you just don't like shaving then with the innovative waxing system used at Beechwood Beauty, you can have silky smooth, hair-free skin which lasts from 3-6 weeks. Alternatively electrolysis, is a permanent hair removal system, which is particularly good for treating the lip and chin areas to get rid of unwanted hair. On your first visit we will provide a consultation, agree a programme of treatment and provide aftercare advice to achieve the results you want.

Well shaped eyebrows provide the perfect frame for the face so it is important to keep them well maintained. Why not consider having your eyebrows tinted at the same time - it will enhance fair brows and cover up the odd grey? While if you have little time for make-up consider having your eyelashes tinted and permed, reducing or even eliminating the need for mascara, but allowing you to look great all the time!

To keep your nails and cuticles tidy and well maintained try booking a regular manicure or pedicure. If you are really short of time, Beechwood Beauty even offers express manicures and pedicures simply to keep your nails in shape. Or if you tend towards dry and chapping skin, a luxury manicure with a paraffin wax treatment will help soften the skin and re-hydrate your nails and cuticles. While for really hard skin on your feet, Beechwood Beauty offers a fantastic treatment Callus Peel, which rapidly peels away dead skin and calluses on your feet.