Detox Body Wrap

Re-energise your system with the ultimate whole body experience of a Detox Body Wrap using our new skin care range from the Natural Spa Factory. Feel immediately invigorated as your system is given a boost with these wonderful products which use botanically sourced ingredients derived from herbs, plants and flowers.

Jan-Feb offer: body wrap & mini facial
75 mins

The Detox Body Wrap uses green tea and seaweed oil to boost your system and aid toxin removal, leaving your skin feeling fresher, cleaner and invigorated. Your experience begins with a gentle body scrub to open up your pores and help product absorption. You can then enjoy an invigorating body massage before being cocooned in a detoxing body wrap. Feel re-energised as you immerse yourself in the fresh aromas. Then shower off the body wrap and your whole body experience is then completed with a soothing lotion massaged into your skin.

The perfect treatment to re-energise tired skin, improving the appearance and leaving it feeling softer and smoother. Kick start your move to a healthier lifestyle with this invigorating experience.