Reiki is believed to be a traditional healing technique practised by Tibetan Buddhist Monks until it was lost many centuries ago. It was rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in the early 20th century.

60 mins£30.00

Reiki is a natural way to ease pain, stress and suffering, which works on physical, emotional and mental levels. When we have an area in our body which is out of balance our energy feels congested.

There is a lighter vital energy, which surrounds all living things known as the Universal Life Force. Reiki is a natural system of channeling this energy to where it is needed most, releasing any blockages. This re-balancing helps the body and mind heal themselves by achieving a greater sense of clarity, bringing an inner feeling of wholeness, calm and relaxation. Thereby lifting your mood and relieving stress.

After an initial consultation, the treatment begins with some breathing techniques to help you relax. The therapist then places their hands on or near your body, while you remain fully clothed, starting at the head, moving around your body and finishing on the feet.

The energy channels itself to where it is needed most, providing a balance of energy which is just right for you. The treatment ends with some more breathing techniques and a few movements to awaken you, followed by a chat about the treatment. A wonderful inner workout!

Please Note:
Reiki is a complementary therapy which will enhance other therapies. It is not a substitute for medical treatment.