Shellac Hybrid Nail Colour

Shellac from Creative Nail Design (CND) is an hybrid nail colour. This revolutionary product is applied like a polish, wears flawlessly, offers 14+ days of high performance wear, provides a crystal shine and can be removed in minutes. So you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and drying time and say hello to matching your nails to your latest outfits with Shellac's seasonal colours!

(inc. removal when Shellac re-applied)
Removal only

Check out Shellac's full colour range then call 01380 859 278 to book your Shellac treatment today.

Shellac Additives

Shellac Additives provide the opportunity to experiment with all sorts of designs and also give some added sparkle! Ask to see the Shellac colour wheel in salon for some great fun ideas.

Shellac additives allow you to experiment with the Shellac colours and add some sparkle