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Silhouette Dermalift Eye Lift

This non-invasive facial lifting treatment uses microcurrents to give the facial muscles and skin a workout, stimulating muscle tone and providing a Gym for the Skin.

The Silhouette Dermalift Eye Lift treatment focuses on the eye and brow to lift and firm the key facial muscles. Includes eye pads, micro-collagen and vitamin C. The result being to restore tone and reduce fine lines around the eye area.

An initial course of either 6 or 10 treatments is recommended with maintenance eye lifts to achieve and maintain the best results. Usually clients require a minimum of 2 sessions for at least their first two weeks, then one per week until treatment course is complete and thereafter monthly maintenance treatments.

Pre-paid Pre-booked Course of 6£165.00
Pre-paid Pre-booked Course of 10£270.00