Environ @ the Treatment Room

Environ's enhanced treatments and products are available at the Treatment Room Calne. Environ's focus is on normalising the skin, repairing any damage and keeping it healthy. This in turn means Environ's skin care is a very personalised approach, because the treatments and products will depend upon your particular concerns.

I had very dry skin on my legs & started using Environ's Hydrating Lotion and Body Oil. Within weeks my skin has been transformed & now feels really nice.
I'm only half way through a course of Advanced Active Vitamin treatments & my skin already feels less dry and much smoother.
I'm having a course of Advanced Active Vitamin treatments & have started using the homecare products too. I'm really noticing that my skin feels a lot plumper & the redness has gone down.

Environ products are known as cosmoceuticals - cosmetics with biologically active ingredients - in Environ's case this includes vitamins A, C & E. As such they have the ability to actually change, repair and improve the health of the skin, unlike mainstream cosmetic products which just make it feel better immediately after use.

The Environ treatments are more than simply treatments which use Environ products. What makes them different is the Ionzyme DFII machine which uses sound waves and pulses, equivalent to 70 hours of massage, allowing the biologically active ingredients to reach the lower layers of skin, where they can be much more effective.

The choice of treatment is entirely tailored to your skin and exactly what it needs at a particular time. This means we may decide to alternate treatments or change it one week if this is what your skin needs. The main aim being to repair your skin so you have a protective layer and can keep it healthy.

With this in mind, the Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment is very effective at getting vitamins into, helping to normalise and at starting to repair the skin. This may be necessary before starting a course of Cool Peel treatments or even in between. Clients who present with very dry skin may benefit from an initial Hydraboost Treatment as the serum used in this treatment is extremely effective at re-hydrating the skin and the Cool Peel Treatment is the safest effective peeling treatment available. Unique in its concept and application, it is being used at the Treatment Room to treat acne and rosacea in both young and older clients.

At the Treatment Room, your Environ experience will start with a detailed consultation, to clearly understand your concerns and agree realistic goals. Alternatively, why not book a slot at our next Skin Care Analysis Event and have a state-of-the-art Visia Skin Analysis? Whichever you choose will result in a personal prescription, tailored to address your individual concerns. Your personal prescription may be for a combination of treatments, a course of one particular treatment and/or products. Whatever suits you and your budget.